08th Jun 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 4

The Godzilla discussion rages on as we finally get to the notorious 1998 American Godzilla and dive into the Millennium era. Download it here.

25th May 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 3

Part 3 of Godzilla has arrived!  This time we cover all 7 films of the Heisei Era, from 1985 to Destroyah. Download it here.

12th May 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 2

We’re halfway through!  In part 2 of our Godzilla marathon, we finish off the Showa era of films and gush over Jet Jaguar and King Caesar. Download it here.

27th Apr 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 1

It has begun!  Our insanely massive Godzilla marathon finally emerges from the sea and begins its path of destruction.  In Part 1 we cover the early years and the first...

26th Feb 2014

Episode 35: Robocop

Dead or alive you’re gonna enjoy our latest marathon: Robocop!  The crew goes over all 4 movies, including the 2014 remake still in theaters.  Your move, creep. Download it here.

06th Feb 2014

Episode 34: Cube

Our website issues are fixed and our new podcast is ready to download!  In case you missed it, check out our latest marathon: Cube.  Enjoy. Download it here.

08th Dec 2013

Episode 33: Home Alone

Happy holidays from Cinemarathon! We celebrate our Christmas cheer by watching all 5 Home Alone films.  Sazza frazza sazza frazza! Download it here.

10th Nov 2013

Episode 32: Halloween Part 3

Let Dangertainment begin!  In part 3 of our Halloween marathon, the crew rides the highest highs and lowest lows of the series.  From H2O to Busta Rhymes to Rob Zombie,...

04th Nov 2013

Episode 32: Halloween Part 2

  The Halloween holiday may have ended, but Cinemarathon is still at it!  In part 2 of Halloween, we talk about Michael Myers return to the series and the insanity...

27th Oct 2013

Episode 32: Halloween Part 1

Is the boogeyman real?  Come find out with us.  At long last here is our special Halloween marathon of, well, Halloween!  In part one, we discuss the original classic, it’s...