23rd Sep 2013

Episode 31: Conan The Barbarian

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!  Does this podcast even need more introduction than this badass photo?  This month we watched all the Conan The Barbarian movies.  Listen in to find out what we thought…...

22nd Aug 2013

Episode 30: Look Who’s Talking

We’re back from our summer break, and pulling out all the stops in our most intense, longest, craziest marathon ever:  LOOK WHO’S TALKING!  Listen in while we discuss all three...

07th Jul 2013

Episode 29: Superman Part 2

Evidently large scale destruction and mass graves can’t be stopped by Superman, but that won’t stop him from posing like a badass in front of it.  Part 2 of our...

30th Jun 2013

Episode 29: Superman Part 1

Part 1 of the Superman marathon has escaped Krypton and landed right in your back yard.  We plow through the first 3 Christopher Reeve movies and add on Supergirl for...

19th Jun 2013

Episode 28: Star Trek Part 3

It’s finally time.  Part 3 of out Star Trek podcast has arrived.  Clocking in at a record breaking 2 hours, we finish off the next generation films and then roll...

15th Jun 2013

Episode 28: Star Trek Part 2

Thank you to all listeners for your patience.  Part 2 of Star Trek is finally here!  This time out, we finish off the original series films and delve into the...

02nd Jun 2013

Episode 28: Star Trek Part 1

It’s finally time to live long and prosper with the Cinemarathon crew as we take on all 12 Star Trek movies!  In part one we discuss the first four original...

02nd May 2013

Episode 27: American Pie Part 2

To the next step!  Part 2 of the American Pie Cinemarathon is now available.  Enjoy. Download it here.

29th Apr 2013

Episode 27: American Pie Part 1

Part one of our American Pie podcast is fresh out of the oven!  Check it out.  Look for Part 2 to post later this week. Download it here.

25th Mar 2013

Episode 26: Resident Evil

Can the Cinemarathon crew survive laser rooms, motorcycle kung fu, blunt explosions and Mike Epps at his best?  Only one way to find out… Download it here.