11th Feb 2013
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Episode 25: The NeverEnding Story

Happy 25th Episode!  Cinemarathon is celebrating by watching all 3 NeverEnding Story movies.  Journey with us to Fantasia in all its horse killing, dad sweating, rock biter musical number glory…...

29th Jan 2013

February Marathon Announcement

Greetings listeners!  We are very pleased to announce our marathon for February: The NeverEnding Story! On Saturday, February 9th the crew will assemble to watch this nostalgia packed trilogy and...

24th Jan 2013

Texas Chainsaw Part 2

  Surprise surprise!  Part Two of our Texas Chainsaw Marathon is finished a whole week early.  Jump right in and hear Matthew, Josh and John debate the remake franchise, and...

22nd Jan 2013
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Texas Chainsaw Part 1

Howdy folks! Part one of our Texas Chainsaw podcast is up.  Check it out!  Look for part two to drop in a week or so. Download it here.

17th Jan 2013

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Marathon This Weekend!

Howdy folks!  Been a while since we updated, but come this weekend it will be worth the wait.  This Saturday starting at 11:00 am pacific, we will begin our marathon...

11th Dec 2012
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At Long Last… The Lincoln Cinemarathon

 We’ve fought through holiday crew schedules, website maintenance, and a divided nation, but the podcast must be preserved!  Our Lincoln episode is FINALLY up.  Enjoy… Download it here.

24th Nov 2012
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Lincoln Is Coming (I Swear)

Hey guys, Quick update on our latest  Lincoln podcast.  Scheduling the recording has been difficult due to the holidays, but we have not forgotten.  Our plan is to record in...

08th Nov 2012
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Lincoln Marathon Update

If you listened to our latest podcast, then you know that our next marathon is going to be Abraham Lincoln themed, leading up to Spielberg’s new Lincoln film.  Here’s a...

27th Oct 2012
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Final Destination Is Up. Happy Halloween!

The Final Destination Cinemarathon is now up and ready to download.  Have a happy Halloween and we’ll see you in November! Download it here.

14th Oct 2012
Final Destination

And The Winner Is…

The verdict is in for our October marathon, and the overwhelming winner, with 65% of the vote is the Final Destination series.  This Saturday, on October 20th, the Cinemarathon crew...