27th Oct 2012
Final Destination Thumb

Final Destination Is Up. Happy Halloween!

The Final Destination Cinemarathon is now up and ready to download.  Have a happy Halloween and we’ll see you in November! Download it here.

14th Oct 2012
Final Destination

And The Winner Is…

The verdict is in for our October marathon, and the overwhelming winner, with 65% of the vote is the Final Destination series.  This Saturday, on October 20th, the Cinemarathon crew...

03rd Oct 2012
Help Us Decide Thumb

October Marathon: Help Us Decide!

We just posted a facebook poll to help us decide what to marathon in October.  It’s a battle royale with Paranormal Activity vs. Final Destination vs. The Exorcist.  Know which...

03rd Oct 2012

Indiana Jones Part 2

Part 2 of the Indiana Jones podcast is now online! Download it here.