29th Jan 2013

February Marathon Announcement

Greetings listeners!  We are very pleased to announce our marathon for February: The NeverEnding Story! On Saturday, February 9th the crew will assemble to watch this nostalgia packed trilogy and...

24th Jan 2013

Texas Chainsaw Part 2

  Surprise surprise!  Part Two of our Texas Chainsaw Marathon is finished a whole week early.  Jump right in and hear Matthew, Josh and John debate the remake franchise, and...

22nd Jan 2013
Texas Part 1 Thumb

Texas Chainsaw Part 1

Howdy folks! Part one of our Texas Chainsaw podcast is up.  Check it out!  Look for part two to drop in a week or so. Download it here.

17th Jan 2013

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Marathon This Weekend!

Howdy folks!  Been a while since we updated, but come this weekend it will be worth the wait.  This Saturday starting at 11:00 am pacific, we will begin our marathon...