25th Aug 2014
XMen Part 2 Post Image Thumb

Episode 37: X-Men Part 2

The X-Men films push forward by jumping back in time and space in the second and final part of our podcast. Download it here.

05th Aug 2014
Step Up Post Announcement Thumb

August Marathon Announcement

  This is it… the day you’ve all been waiting for… Cinemarathon is proud to announce for the month of August: ┬áSTEP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve done a lot of marathons over...

04th Aug 2014
Xmen Part 1 Post Image Thumb

Episode 37: X-Men Part 1

“SNIKT!” The claws come out in part 1 of of our Xmen discussion, starting from Singer’s first attempt in 2000 up through Xmen Origins: Wolverine. Download it here.