October Marathon Announcement

Childs Play Post Image

He may have lost in the the polls last year to Michael Myers, but Chucky doesn’t give up that easy.  This year we will be watching the Child’s Play series for the Halloween season.  I’m sure this series will have plenty of scares and laughs in equal measure!  We commence tomorrow on Saturday October 17th, so follow along with us on Twitter and Facebook as we watch.  And keep an eye out for the podcast later next week!  Below is our schedule:



  3:00 pm – Child’s Play (88 min.)
  4:30 pm – Child’s Play 2 (85 min.)
  6:00 pm – Child’s Play 3 (91 min.)
  7:30 pm – Bride of Chucky (90 min.)
  9:00 pm – Seed of Chucky (87 min.)
10:30 pm – Curse of Chucky (97 min.)
12:00 am – MARATHON ENDS