Lincoln Marathon Update

If you listened to our latest podcast, then you know that our next marathon is going to be Abraham Lincoln themed, leading up to Spielberg’s new Lincoln film.  Here’s a heads up at the movies and schedule below.  It’s looking like we’re going to try for November 17th so stay tuned!


10:00 am – Abraham Lincoln (1930) 97 min.

11:37 am – Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 100 min.

  1:17 pm – Abe Lincoln In Illinois (1940) 110 min.

  3:07 pm – The Lincoln Conspiracy (1977) 90 min.

  4:37 pm – The Conspirator (2011) 123 min.

  6:40 pm – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) 105 min.

  8:25 pm – HEAD TO THEATER

  9:30 pm – Lincoln (2012) 150 min.

  Midnight – Marathon Ends

Also, as a quick note, due to the holidays Lincoln will likely serve as our episode for both November and December.  The crew will take a bit of time off, but we’ll be back in 2013 for more Cinemarathon!