June Marathon Announcement

SupermanPostIn case you didn’t hear on our latest podcast, Cinemarathon will be taking on the Superman films for June.  This Saturday starting at 9:00 am pacific, we’ll be tackling the entire series, including for bonus points the Supergirl film.  Follow us on twitter @CinemarathonPOD as we will be posting live while we watch.  Here’s our schedule if you’d like to follow along…

  9:00 amSuperman (143 min)

11:23 am – Superman II (127 min)

  1:30 pm – Superman III (125 min)

  3:35 pm – Supergirl (125 min)

  5:40 pm – Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (90 min)

  7:10 pm – Superman Returns (154 min)

  9:44 pm – HEAD TO THEATER

10:25 pm – Man Of Steel (143 min)

12:48 am – MARATHON ENDS