August Marathon Announcement

Step Up Post Announcement


This is it… the day you’ve all been waiting for… Cinemarathon is proud to announce for the month of August:  STEP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve done a lot of marathons over the years, but none quite like this.   Who would have thought that the Step Up franchise would have ever come this far?  Certainly not us!  But since there are now five of these off the wall dance extravaganzas, we’re gonna strap in for all the sweet moves and all the laughs that come with them.  We’ll be getting our groove on starting at noon on Saturday August 23rd.  So find your Boogaloo and follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  Posted below is our viewing schedule.



12:00 pm - Step Up (2006 – 104 min.) 
  1:44 pm - Step Up 2: The Streets – (2008 – 98 min.)
  3:22 pm – Step Up 3D (2010 – 107 min.)
  5:09 pm – Step Up Revolution (2012 – 99 min.)
~9:00 pm – Step Up All In (2014 – 112 min.)
 11:00pm – Marathon Ends