April Marathon Announcement “Forget it Jake.  That’s Toontown.” March Marathon Announcement Break the Sound Barrier! You’re going to be Taken… February Marathon Announcement! January Marathon Announcement

April Marathon Announcement

We’re watching The Fast and the Furious one quarter mile at a time!

“Forget it Jake. That’s Toontown.”

Check out our latest podcast as we investigate the mysteries of the L.A. Public Works Trilogy!

March Marathon Announcement

We’re doing something special this month!

Break the Sound Barrier!

Our Iron Eagle podcast is fueled and ready to fly.

You’re going to be Taken…

to our next episode of Cinemarathon!

February Marathon Announcement!

“Break the Sound Barrier.”

January Marathon Announcement

“This next part is very important…”

Welcome to Cinemarathon, the podcast where we watch all of the films in a series and discuss them afterwards.








20th Dec 2014
Toy Story Post Image Thumb

December Marathon Announcement

Get ready for a whole bunch of feels, because this month we’re watching the Toy Story Franchise!  We’ll be starting with Toy Story and journeying all the way through the...

20th Dec 2014
Child's Play Post Image Thumb

Episode 39: Child’s Play Part 2

Glen or Glenda?  That’s the question of the hour!  Tune in to Part 2 of the podcast as we discuss the conclusion of the Child’s Play franchise.   Download it here.

24th Oct 2014
Child's Play Part 1 Post Image Thumb

Episode 39: Child’s Play Part 1

I think the lesson of this marathon was “Don’t Fuck With the Chuck.”  Check out our podcast to find out why!   Download it here.

17th Oct 2014
Childs Play Post Image Thumb

October Marathon Announcement

He may have lost in the the polls last year to Michael Myers, but Chucky doesn’t give up that easy.  This year we will be watching the Child’s Play series...

17th Oct 2014
Step Up Post Image Thumb

Episode 38: Step Up

BFABB!  Listen in to our podcast to see if you’re Born From A BoomBox like the stars of the Step Up franchise. Download it here.

25th Aug 2014
XMen Part 2 Post Image Thumb

Episode 37: X-Men Part 2

The X-Men films push forward by jumping back in time and space in the second and final part of our podcast. Download it here.

05th Aug 2014
Step Up Post Announcement Thumb

August Marathon Announcement

  This is it… the day you’ve all been waiting for… Cinemarathon is proud to announce for the month of August:  STEP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve done a lot of marathons over...

04th Aug 2014
Xmen Part 1 Post Image Thumb

Episode 37: X-Men Part 1

“SNIKT!” The claws come out in part 1 of of our Xmen discussion, starting from Singer’s first attempt in 2000 up through Xmen Origins: Wolverine. Download it here.