April Marathon Announcement “Forget it Jake.  That’s Toontown.” March Marathon Announcement Break the Sound Barrier! You’re going to be Taken… February Marathon Announcement! January Marathon Announcement

April Marathon Announcement

We’re watching The Fast and the Furious one quarter mile at a time!

“Forget it Jake. That’s Toontown.”

Check out our latest podcast as we investigate the mysteries of the L.A. Public Works Trilogy!

March Marathon Announcement

We’re doing something special this month!

Break the Sound Barrier!

Our Iron Eagle podcast is fueled and ready to fly.

You’re going to be Taken…

to our next episode of Cinemarathon!

February Marathon Announcement!

“Break the Sound Barrier.”

January Marathon Announcement

“This next part is very important…”

Welcome to Cinemarathon, the podcast where we watch all of the films in a series and discuss them afterwards.








18th Jul 2014
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July Marathon Announcement

  Pay attention Bub!  Cinemarathon’s next journey will be the X-Men franchise.  Beginning with Bryan Singer’s original all the way through to Day’s of Future Past.   Because of scheduling,...

27th Jun 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 5

Let them fight!  Our massive Godzilla marathon finally concludes as we wrap up the Millennium Era as well as the new American film. Download it here.

08th Jun 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 4

The Godzilla discussion rages on as we finally get to the notorious 1998 American Godzilla and dive into the Millennium era. Download it here.

25th May 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 3

Part 3 of Godzilla has arrived!  This time we cover all 7 films of the Heisei Era, from 1985 to Destroyah. Download it here.

12th May 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 2

We’re halfway through!  In part 2 of our Godzilla marathon, we finish off the Showa era of films and gush over Jet Jaguar and King Caesar. Download it here.

27th Apr 2014

Episode 36: Godzilla Part 1

It has begun!  Our insanely massive Godzilla marathon finally emerges from the sea and begins its path of destruction.  In Part 1 we cover the early years and the first...

24th Mar 2014

Spring Marathon Announcement

  Cinemarathon is very pleased to announce its next marathon:  GODZILLA!!!!! That’s right, the crew is going to take on one of the largest movie marathons possible and watch every...

26th Feb 2014

Episode 35: Robocop

Dead or alive you’re gonna enjoy our latest marathon: Robocop!  The crew goes over all 4 movies, including the 2014 remake still in theaters.  Your move, creep. Download it here.