April Marathon Announcement “Forget it Jake.  That’s Toontown.” March Marathon Announcement Break the Sound Barrier! You’re going to be Taken… February Marathon Announcement! January Marathon Announcement

April Marathon Announcement

We’re watching The Fast and the Furious one quarter mile at a time!

“Forget it Jake. That’s Toontown.”

Check out our latest podcast as we investigate the mysteries of the L.A. Public Works Trilogy!

March Marathon Announcement

We’re doing something special this month!

Break the Sound Barrier!

Our Iron Eagle podcast is fueled and ready to fly.

You’re going to be Taken…

to our next episode of Cinemarathon!

February Marathon Announcement!

“Break the Sound Barrier.”

January Marathon Announcement

“This next part is very important…”

Welcome to Cinemarathon, the podcast where we watch all of the films in a series and discuss them afterwards.








19th Feb 2014

February Marathon Announcement

Cinemarathon is pleased to announce its marathon for February 2014: ROBOCOP!  This Saturday February 22nd the crew will gather to watch all four films, including a trip to the theater...

06th Feb 2014

Episode 34: Cube

Our website issues are fixed and our new podcast is ready to download!  In case you missed it, check out our latest marathon: Cube.  Enjoy. Download it here.

16th Jan 2014
Cube Thumb

January Marathon Announcement

Happy New Year listeners!  Hope everyone had a great break.  But if you’re hungry for more marathons, then get ready.  This Sunday at noon Pacific the crew will marathon all...

08th Dec 2013

Episode 33: Home Alone

Happy holidays from Cinemarathon! We celebrate our Christmas cheer by watching all 5 Home Alone films.  Sazza frazza sazza frazza! Download it here.

23rd Nov 2013

Holiday Marathon Announcement

Happy Holidays dear listeners!  We thought long and hard about what marathon to do for Christmas, and we’re proud to announce that Home Alone will be our next episode.  The...

10th Nov 2013

Episode 32: Halloween Part 3

Let Dangertainment begin!  In part 3 of our Halloween marathon, the crew rides the highest highs and lowest lows of the series.  From H2O to Busta Rhymes to Rob Zombie,...

04th Nov 2013

Episode 32: Halloween Part 2

  The Halloween holiday may have ended, but Cinemarathon is still at it!  In part 2 of Halloween, we talk about Michael Myers return to the series and the insanity...

27th Oct 2013

Episode 32: Halloween Part 1

Is the boogeyman real?  Come find out with us.  At long last here is our special Halloween marathon of, well, Halloween!  In part one, we discuss the original classic, it’s...