April Marathon Announcement “Forget it Jake.  That’s Toontown.” March Marathon Announcement Break the Sound Barrier! You’re going to be Taken… February Marathon Announcement! January Marathon Announcement

April Marathon Announcement

We’re watching The Fast and the Furious one quarter mile at a time!

“Forget it Jake. That’s Toontown.”

Check out our latest podcast as we investigate the mysteries of the L.A. Public Works Trilogy!

March Marathon Announcement

We’re doing something special this month!

Break the Sound Barrier!

Our Iron Eagle podcast is fueled and ready to fly.

You’re going to be Taken…

to our next episode of Cinemarathon!

February Marathon Announcement!

“Break the Sound Barrier.”

January Marathon Announcement

“This next part is very important…”

Welcome to Cinemarathon, the podcast where we watch all of the films in a series and discuss them afterwards.








07th Oct 2013

October Marathon Announcement

The verdict is in on our poll and our October marathon will be… The Halloween Movies!  It was a crazy close race, but Michael Myers narrowly defeated Chucky by the...

30th Sep 2013

Help Us Decide Our October Marathon

Dear listeners, we need help deciding our horror marathon for October.  Hit up the poll below to vote for your choice.  Polling will close on Monday October 7th. social poll...

23rd Sep 2013

Episode 31: Conan The Barbarian

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!  Does this podcast even need more introduction than this badass photo?  This month we watched all the Conan The Barbarian movies.  Listen in to find out what we thought…...

13th Sep 2013

September Marathon Announcement

Greetings listeners!  Cinemarathon is happy to announce its September marathon: Conan The Barbarian!  Thanks to Dustin for the suggestion.  This Sunday, September 15th, starting at noon Pacific, the crew will...

22nd Aug 2013

Episode 30: Look Who’s Talking

We’re back from our summer break, and pulling out all the stops in our most intense, longest, craziest marathon ever:  LOOK WHO’S TALKING!  Listen in while we discuss all three...

04th Aug 2013

August Marathon Announcement

Hey guys!  Cinemarathon has been taking a much needed break for the summer to recharge our batteries after the lengthy Star Trek and Superman marathons.  But this August we’re returning...

07th Jul 2013

Episode 29: Superman Part 2

Evidently large scale destruction and mass graves can’t be stopped by Superman, but that won’t stop him from posing like a badass in front of it.  Part 2 of our...

30th Jun 2013

Episode 29: Superman Part 1

Part 1 of the Superman marathon has escaped Krypton and landed right in your back yard.  We plow through the first 3 Christopher Reeve movies and add on Supergirl for...